Return Navigation Example: Target

The `referrer` header is extracted and returned by the Loader. Without Javascript enabled, this is the only value we can rely upon.



The `returnLocation` as computed by this library, listens for client side transitions and the `referrer` as returned by the server. With the combination of both of these components, the library resolves to a single return location.

Return location:


For transparency, the result of `useLocation` is also shown below.



Using the content extracted (shown above) the return link is generated.

If you do not see a link that says "Return Home" that means you got to this page without any information that could return you. You can cause this by opening a new tab and pasting the URL to this page in the address bar. This is essentially what would happen if someone shared a link with you. Otherwise you should see a "Return" link below that will send you back to the link you came from.

Examples of: BackwarkLink

A fully customizable version using render: Return home (no return location)

A simpler version with fallbackContent: Return home

No fallback: Back

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